Do you finally want to fulfill your dream?

Become a successful businessman of your own… what does this really mean? In a world of uncertainty count on us. We offer an enthusiastic, dynamic and establishing profession, making you become the center of attention of your city. Have a leading role with your Aromiere® FRANCHISING STORE.

We will sustain you in choosing the perfect location, provide you with the ideal furniture in line with the Aromiere® franchising format, furthermore you will become part of a network of theme events at your store, be included in the Aromiere® fan page and be able to have your own personal page or website, you will receive assistance in legal, accounting and fiscal administration and have the possibility to computerize all movements with our new management software in digital reading, you will be able to attend training courses and tutorials in order to get all the information you need about the new products, round the clock assistance for answering all your questions as well as specific meetings to better understand your needs and find a solution that best suits you.

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Only those who put passion and emotions into their job are able to transmit credibility and professionalism and can therefore understand and live with all their heart and enthusiasm the magical world of Aromiere®. The Store symbolizes the freshness and enthusiasm of our own personal project and the possibility to express our passion for perfume and all exclusive Aromiere® collections. You will be delighted to tell your clients about the perfumes for men and women or our perfume line dedicated to the world of Sport, creating a bond between you and the people who fall in love with these fragrances. The collection also offers the possibility to enter the world of personal skin care products for women or beard care products for men opening your mind and knowledge to this fascinating sector of ours.

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You will completely change perspective wearing perfume where the only thing you pay is quality instead of packaging or advertisement. We keep a green leaf in our heart… our philosophy is to respect nature and invite you to RE-fill your perfume saving money but most of all saving nature! Value to your wallet, value to the strength for our environment. The Aromiere Spirit perfumes will give you the possibility to sell a perfume wearable every day, seriously every single day, with a low price starting from € 7,90. Step by step you will become an expert in perfume suggesting as best you can among more than 100 brand new fragrances for men, women and unisex. 

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Allestimento punto vendita Living

Enter the journey of the most fascinating scents of our world magnificently closed in contemporary decor. You will help your client choose among a variety of fragrances of olfactory decors, for gift ideas or yourself, in order to personalize with taste and elegance the spaces you love most. You will have a variety of styles and new designs to suggest, from the most smart ones starting from a retail price of € 9,90 to our top of the line Gold Disk Decanter in Murano Glass of € 495,00. You will enjoy proposing a wide range of possibilities for perfuming the home environment: Diffusers with rattan sticks, Sprayers, Scented oils, Refills, Perfumes for catalytic lamps, Scented wardrobe fresheners, Alabaster figurines, Car perfumes…Express your creativity in gift ideas, our staff will sustain you in all Perfume gift ideas with themed gifts and pieces for any occasion or anniversaries. Enclosed in a fascinating mix of perfume, design and love.    

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allestimento Cat&Dog

The Cat&Dog luxury line distinguishes itself by great research in high quality and row materials leading to a completely unique product. Those who love cats and dogs understand the love and affection for these magnificent souls and the specific care and attention we want to pay to them. A philosophy of High Quality, Bio Awareness and Olfactory Memory leads to a fresh and young reality in continuous expansion thanks to all those people who choose to share their life with a four legged friend. Opening an Aromiere® Store is a natural result of living one’s passions and make them available to people. The deep knowledge of the Cat&Dog products allow you to distinguish yourself by a touch of originality and professionalism in the field. It’s emotions that make you live your life at 360°. Animals are emotions and taking care of them is a great responsibility.

This is the spirit of the Aromiere® products. Care and attention through Shampoo, Cleaning products, Fast Wash, Perfume, Spray for the environment or Room diffuser. Every single product is specifically made for them, their well being and care. 

This is our philosophy, this is how ideas are born, this is how to approach new projects, this is how to start a new adventure. With Passion, Emotion and Dedication.

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